A Plant for every Geneva Marcom Member

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. We are happy to show you all the steps your new plant goes through before it arrives right on your doorstep.

STEP 1: Root cut and repot

Janko, our plantdoctor, gives every Pothos a new home with more space and fresh soil. Furthermore, he cuts the roots for more healthy growth.

STEP 2: Coconut fibre and a shiny pot

The fresh new soil should remain in the pot on the way to you. To ensure this, Vanessa puts a layer of coconut fibre on the soil. 

Now it's time to place her Greenness in her new white pot. Brilliant.

STEP 3: Protection for transport

Our plants are not the biggest fans of traveling. To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, we pack them into a tube of paper. Vanessa is a master of the craft. 

Of course a handwritten card should not be missing either.

STEP 4: Off into the box

As soon as the plant is protected, it is ready to be placed in the box. Filled with paper, this is a cosy home for the next adventure days on the road.

TA-DA! That's it. We hope you liked our small presentation of the journey of your Pothos. If you have additional questions regarding the process or the care, feel free to reach out to us: sven@feey.ch

Are you curious? Here are some more of our plants.

Quick guide: Planting flower seeds

If you need help with planting your flower seeds, this guide is for you:

1. Pour 500 ml of warm water into the plastic bag.

2. Allow the seeds to soak for 20 minutes.

3. Pour the soil into the dark grey pot.

4. Spread the seeds on the soil.

5. Carefully cover the seeds with soil.

6 Keep the soil moist and put the pot in a sunny place.